4 Feb 2019

Searching the right job on Indeed which is scam free and legit.

We all get scammed at some point of our time but among many other scams we face, the most hurtful one is, when we earn our degree by sheer hard work and enter the online job market only to realise that every job application turning out to be an another opportunity for scammers to give you fake job promises and demand cash for giving interview chance or employ-ability in your dream company.

This blog will deal with a popular website named Indeed.com which I think is one the best online job portal out there, if only used keeping some important things in mind. The guidance and tips which I will be sharing is applicable to any job portals in general and not just Indeed so make sure you read till the end.

Before I begin let me make it clear that I am from India and scams here might vary that from your country but at the end of the day all scammers aim at the same two things which are:

  • To get your hard-earned money and not give you Interview calls/Promised job.
  • To get your personal information and use it for business purposes.
So, let’s take a live example of how to differentiate between fake and a real job posting on Indeed.com (India)

Suppose I am a mechanical engineer and want to find an Entry level job in my domain.

I will type in “Mechanical Engineer Fresher” in Mumbai (India) After searching the results, I found the below job posting to be from someone who have no relations with mechanical industry.

Fake job scams Indeed

How did I guess it correctly? Well, it’s simple you just need to have that eye which will point out the mistakes made by the recruiter in job posting and also some past experience is needed that’s why I am here to guide you and help you take the right decision.

Things I observed from above job posting:

1)Not a proper sounding name of the company. (first India hr solution sounds vague and definitely not a mechanical Industry name)

2)Poorly written English and grammatical mistakes which is not the sign of a professional HR team of the company.

3)No Job description and company details leaving candidate confuse about the job profile and type of Industry (Any professional company always mentions about the type of work profile they are having vacancies for)

4)Unrealistic openings (90 Openings in this case) also no official looking company email id and website.

5)Not mentioned about the skill sets the candidate should have.         

These are just few points which I have observed which if, you notice while applying for your next job is sure to help you.  

Now some might say, what if the above job is posted by some consultancy who have contacts with Industries and have legal rights to hire candidates and send them to the respective industries for Interviews. Well it can be a case but again it's waste of time to even think of consultancy when industries are already posting real jobs.

Some points to abide by while dealing with legal consultancy are as follows:

  • They will never ask for your money to get you an interview because they get paid by the industries from which they have contacts. (So, if someone asks you money it’s a warning sign)
  • Never get fooled by fake call letters which the HR recruiter gives you taking interview at some weird looking location. (Always try to be in contact with Industry and give interview only at Industry which are you going to work for)

Finally, to sum it up, here is a quick summary of, what a fake and a real job posting looks like and things you should be aware of, before applying for that next well-paying job which seems too good to be true.

·        Never pay to consultancy or recruitment agents (Not even for registration form)

·        Always try to find company information via proper medium (Google search, Company website, LinkedIn are some of many resources available)

·        Unprofessional way of communication (A professional company follow ethics and have proper channel through which they contact candidates, which is often missing in scammers mode of contacting)

With this blog you are all set to scan and reject all those fraudsters and scammers who are preying on you. I wish you all the best for your next job application also comment down below your own experience of scammers so our community will learn more and become wiser.




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